CarTaxi, An Uberisation of Tow Truck Service


Cars and traffic, it is something we see anywhere on the planet. All over the world, the number of cars is constantly growing, so is the demand for tow truck service with a world market capacity of over 26 billion dollars. CarTaxi is a revolutionary global solution for the most effective and convenient tow service. CarTaxi is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum for evacuating and transporting cars that integrates all tow trucks in a single application. It is a global mobile solution based synergistically on geolocation, blockchain, and smart contract technologies. By utilizing blockchain technology, CarTaxi monitor the progress and execution of each order. The speed and efficiency of the service prevents further accidents and saves lives. CarTaxi has already being successfully launched and is yielding great results.

CarTaxi provides a mobile app to help users ordering their service. There are two kind of app that CarTaxi provided, client app and partner/contrsctor app. By the mobile app for clients, user will able to call a tow truck and managing the order they preferred. Mobile app for partners/contractors, were designed to receive the order made by the clients. The app will make the client able to keep updating the geolocation and managing the business processes of the working sessions.

How Does It Work?

How does CarTaxi app work for motorists
It’s just like Uber. When logging in, the user gets to the creating order page. The program automatically determines the location of the device. To select the trip destination address of the vehichle to be towed, user can put a point on the map or enter it manually. User must also register and add their vehicle information (year, manufacturer, model and registration number). In addition to a vehicle information, user are prompted to specify the number of locked wheels. These data are needed in order to automatically determine the appropriate parameters for the type of tow truck. On the order section of user device it immediately displays the cost of towing. The last step is to select the method of payment (cash or card). And the order is ready. The closest tow truck driver instantly receives a request and immediately comes to the aid of user’s car.

Business Model

The CarTaxi service is monetized through commissions charged for tow truck services. Depending on the region, the commission ranges from 10 to 20% of the cost of the service.

CarTaxi Business Model

CarTaxi’s strategic goal is to win up to 20% of the market worldwide in 5 years and to generate $970 million in revenue by 2022.

Initial Coin Offering

100% of CTX tokens represent 100% ownership of CarTaxi. You can get the CarTaxi’s tokens on Tokens will also be used as a method of payment for the service, along with fiat currency and the main cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and ethereum). CarTaxi will offer 500,000,000 CarTaxi tokens (66%) in two tiers, pre-ICO and ICO. On pre-ICO tokens will be sold with 45% discount. The total number of announced tokens will be 750,000,000. Funder tokens will be frozen for sale for a period of 5 months from the date of the ICO. The CarTaxi service redeems and burns tokens at the cost of 25% of transportation revenue.

Initial Coin Offering
30/08/2017 — 29/10/2017

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